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    What is Reach?   

A service-oriented platform built to help qualified individuals who are unemployed

Reach is a service-oriented platform with a user-friendly interface that allows qualified individuals to use their knowledge and skills to reach out to those who need their help or assistance. This platform will allow users to reach solutions together which will help them to reach their goals.

Our main aim is to help those individuals who are qualified, but find it difficult to find employment because of a pandemic (COVID-19), a recession, lack of work experience, lack of language requirements or disabilities.

   How it works   

How Reach works?

To register as a qualified professional, you MUST upload an original copy of your higher education diploma:

  • HBO Diploma (Netherlands)
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • PHD Degree
  • Certification (specific to specialization area)

To register as a client, you can either create an individual account or a company account.

 How much it costs    

What does it cost to use the platform?

  • To use the platform as a qualified professional, the monthly subscription fee is 5 euros.
  • To use the platform as a client (individual), there is no monthly fees.
  • To use the platform as a client (company), the monthly subscription fee is 5 euros.
  • For every service rendered between two individuals on the platform, we charge a 3% transaction fees.

Reach allows qualified professionals to offer services in the following fields:

  • Business Development
  • I.T & Technology
  • Legal & International Affairs
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Coaching