Financial matters

These are the financial areas that we specialize in

Please take a look at which option is most relevant for your situation and then Contact Us.

Loans from DUO

Do you wish to apply for a study loan to the DUO and you need assistance with your application?

Tax-related issues

We provide legal assistance and consultancy with regards to any tax-related issues. For example; applying for a tax exemption scheme, or declaring your income tax per yearly quarter, or filing an application for tax-returns.

Applying for a subsidy?

We can help you apply for a housing subsidy (huurtoeslag) and/or an insurance subsidy (zorgtoeslag). We also handle other types of ‘financial incentive’ applications;

  • Public Benefits schemes.
  • Disability schemes.
  • Subsidies for start-up entrepreneurs.
Apply for a loan from the bank

Would you like to start your own entrepreneurial enterprise (start-up business)? Or a business of any kind? And you need to apply for a loan from the bank? We can help you make the application.