Administrative Issues & Appeal Procedures

Administrative matters that we cover:

  • Administrative issues with your University
  • Administrative issues with your local Gemeente (Municipality)
  • Administrative issues with the Immigration & Naturalization Service (IND)

Appeal Procedures that we assist with:

  1. Appeals against administrative decisions. These include;
  • Fines.
  • Unreasonable interest rates on decisions that have not been responded to.
  • Any other administrative decision that you have reasonable cause to believe is unrighteous.

2 Appeals against a decision from your College or University. These include;

  • A failing grade which you do not agree with, in an examination.
  • A Board of Examiners decision.
  • Any other decisions that are unreasonable or unjustified.

Please note: Before you contact us to assist you with regards to any Administrative or Appeal Procedures, make sure that you have all the supporting documentation with you. Without any supporting documentation it will be difficult for us to assess the case. All the information that you provide us with, will help us to build well-rounded arguments and strengthen our appeal to the wrongful decision.