International Consultancy for Students

Our goal is to provide you with quality advice & assistance.

The International Consultancy for Students is a Consultancy Firm that has been established to provide assistance and legal guidance to international students and working professionals coming into the Netherlands. We cover a diverse area of expertise and using our rich knowledge and experience we strive to provide the best advice and solutions possible.

Our specialization

University Applications

Need help with applying to the right University? Or to complete your University Application?

Visa Applications & Immigration Issues
Traveling to the Netherlands or anywhere else in the EU as an international student or professional who needs a visa?
Healthcare & Insurance Applications
Do you need help with deciding which insurance package suits your situation best?
Administrative issues & Appeal Procedures

Do you need help with administrative procedures? Or do you want to appeal a Board of Examiners decision?

Housing Contracts & Rental Agreements

Do you need legal advice before you sign your rental contract?

Financial matters

Need assistance with finding out if you are eligible for a loan, subsidy or grant?